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Rwanda Cooking Lesson

A Taste of Rwandan Cuisine.

Learn with a Rwandan chef in English in one of our culinary classes in Kigali, Nyamirambo Provence. Looking for Rwanda culinary classes in Rwanda? We offer Rwanda cooking classes in Nyamirambo, Kigali. You will fall in love with this area of Rwanda local cuisine with its great taste.  And while here, enjoy Rwanda cooking classes in Nyamirambo that will take you to the Nyamirambo market.  Looking for a fun, family-friendly activity to do while visiting Nyamirambo? Are you interested in mastering Rwanda cooking?

Discover the art of Rwanda cooking in Rwanda

Exploring the food culture of Rwanda is a great way to get to know the Rwanda and to develop a palette for and appreciation of all the country has to offer. It is with this idea in mind – a Taste of Rwanda, a love of Cooking and a desire to share Rwanda culture with visitors that our Rwanda cooking lesson in Nyamirambo was born.

The Real Taste of Rwanda Cooking lesson & What you get

  • Prepare your own authentic Rwandan meal
  • Taste local drinks & fruits
  • Hear Aminatha’s story while preparing the food
  • Learn about Rwanda traditions and rich cuisine
  • Share the table with other global foodie travellers
  • Create a culinary story you will gladly share with others

A hands-on culinary workshop that takes you on a journey through rich Rwanda culinary history along with the most popular traditional dishes. This can take half a day, as you prepare food for those who have gone for the Nyamirambo walking tours, will come and dine along

From market to meal, every step of the process of cooking is shared by Aminatha and participants in this tour. After buying produce and ingredients at several markets the group walks just around the corner from the Center to Aminatha’s home. There they get to work at a wooden table in her courtyard, chopping countless vegetables and starting the charcoal stoves. Under the guidance of Aminatha six traditional, delicious, and gratifying dishes are prepared and then shared by all involved.

Get on board of this highly interactive cooking class, where you can actually slice, mix, season and prepare a complete dinner with a local chef, and afterwards sit down and enjoy the meal you’ve just created.

A local cuisine meal, seasoned with humour, homey feeling and Rwanda culinary tradition. Whether you get you’re hands-on or you just watch as we prepare the feast, you will definitely have some laughs and a lot of good food.

The menu consists of a main dish and a dessert. We adjust the menu seasonally, since we always use fresh ingredients from local farms or from the market which is right next door.

You will be introduced to a number of Rwanda recipes, inspired both by the season’s bounty and your personal tastes and will be mastering Rwanda cooking in no time. All our classes are taught in English or Kinyarwanda, but can also be offered in French by request. Cooking class lesson has always been part of our tours, as you can add in other tours to color your day visit.