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Rwanda Cycling Experience

Rwanda Cycling Experience, in the land of a thousand hills is an excellent destination for off-the-beaten-track cycling, with almost endless trails and roads criss-crossing the territory. Exploring Rwanda’s countryside on a bike is an authentic and rewarding way to interact with the rural population, with a huge dose of natural beauty.

You can take cycling as part of your gorilla adventure trip or part of the holiday tour to visit Rwanda.

Arguably the greatest route is the Congo Nile Trail, a 227km itinerary which runs roughly parallel to the eastern shore of Lake Kivu. Starting in Rubavu and ending in Rusizi, the journey takes about five days, although it is possible to do single stages for those with less time or dedication.

We can create for you bespoke itineraries along the trail, as well as other locations including Kigali and other Rwandan National Parks, such as, Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park and Volcanoes National Park. The number of days ranges depending on your interest and budget, but we can still curate something special for your adventure trip.

With this Rwanda Cycling Experience you will tour Rwanda a land of a 1000 hills, this gives you great challenge as a biker to experience something extra ordinary as you go against the tough hills, which is a wonderful experience to every rider. The roads are well maintained so no need to worry, with great security around. You guide will be along with you, either riding or driving along as you pedal in the country side, experience a local setting as you weave around the communities