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Gatuna Border Transfers

Gatuna Border transfers, Gatuna is a town in northern Rwanda, just one and a half drive from the Kigali town. It is a border town that sits across from the town of Katuna, in neighboring Uganda. Gatuna is the busiest border crossing in Rwanda. It handles most of Rwanda’s imports and exports since most imports and exports via the coast to and from Rwanda pass through Uganda. Due to increased commercial and tourist traffic, Gatuna is a fast-growing town. The border at Gatuna / Katuna is open 24 hours a day.

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Due to increased number of visitors coming in at either countries, for gorilla safaris and wildlife safaris across both are both countries are known for harboring 50% of the world gorilla populations.
Number of other tourist activities other than gorilla trekking safari alone do pull tourists across both countries such as the golden monkey trekking, chimpanzee trekking, batwa cultural visit, boat ride at Lake Bunyonyi, and Lake Mutanda, bird watching, and village walks

For the transfers on either way, or pick up from the border to either going for your trekking or airport flight catch up, just drop an email to our reservation team they get you sorted in a few minutes without hustle. We do all the related transfers and even do accommodation bookings on both countries and parks, as well as securing for you a gorilla permit on the last minute booking.  Get in touch with our reservation team to have vehicle delivered to your pick up point at a hustle free, so as to get going.