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Kimironko market

Kimironko Market – Kigali Rwanda. A wonderful place to find all that you need to take along with you during your safari in Rwanda, or what you may need to take with you from Africa after your wonderful safari stay in Rwanda. Such an amazing place to have an opportunity to interact with the local venders, who are busy selling all sorts of human needs, ranging from food staffs, clothing’s, household utensils, art and crafts, African wears and much more.A good market to get fresh food stuff. A typical East African market where you can bargain and pay an agreed price for what you choose.


The Kimironko market is busy through day out, till late at night. The purchasing power depends on your bargaining power as it is a case in Africa however some venders are honest, and say the right price. Mingling among the local people as you try to figure out something that shoots your interest is the funniest thing here. The most language used here is the common Kinyarwanda, however few venders speaks English, your guide can help you out to do the translations and the bargaining part of it. You will need local currency so as to be able to pay for your number of selections your might have found of your interest.

This is that big, frantic space where you can (and will) find just about anything. The vendors are very aggressive, but that only adds to the experience. If you are into haggling, this is the spot !.

Things are cheap, that you will luck space to carry, the crafts are so beautiful. Are you looking for the kitenges, woven baskets, as well as jewelry and crafts, to carry back home as a gift to your friends and family members after your gorilla and wildlife safari, this is the spot you must not miss.

You can however visit the place, to only watch how business is done in the local setting, even if you’re not going to purchase anything, just talk a walk here ! You will be amazed. However take a coin alongside, you will be surprised to pick something you could not image how low the price is, worth carrying home.

Vendors are pleasant, not overly aggressive but definitely interested in showing their goods.
Watch your bags, have fun with bartering, smile and just enjoy it ! It is hectic, but you should expect that when you go in. The stall keepers are usually very friendly if you keep your cool and don’t get too overwhelmed.

Kimironko market, is one of its kind, we always recommend it, and a must visit place on our itinerary. This may sound crazy, but fun over there. For any day visit, get in touch with our reservation, to book your tour with us ! at