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Tourism Attractions

The Tourism Attractions in Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC in shot; is a vast country located in the heart of Africa containing some of Africa’s most unique and undiscovered attractions waiting to be experienced.

It is bordered in East by Lake Albert, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Kivu. It has 26 provinces: Bandundu, bas Congo, Equateur, Kasai Occidental, Kasai Orientale, Katanga, Kinshasa, Maniema, North kivu, South kivu, Oriental. Congo has many beautiful and wild national parks (including Park National de Virunga, the world’s oldest national park), untamed rivers, virgin forest, and active volcanoes among others. Virunga National Park is located in the Eastern Democratic of the Congo, along the border with Rwanda and Uganda.

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Congo encomparasses also an unparalled variety of landscapes: the snow peaks and glaciers of the fabled Ruwenzori Mountains, great lakes tropical lowland forests, mountain forest, the grassland savannas of the Rwindi plains and a vast mosaic of rivers and wetlands besides. In terms of species diversity, it is also Africa’s most rich protected area. In Congo, one can find species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world for example; Bonobos, okapis and eastern lowland Gorillas.

The leaving Goma to the destination either gorillas or Volcano begins at 6 o’clock in the morning.

The one who comes late when others have begun their trek is to go back home without any refund of his money. There is no food service at the Summit of the Volcano, so, the tourists coming from Goma must supply their own through our orientation or we may go with a cook for that service at the summit.

Main Tourist Attractions in Congo include

The Nyiragongo volcano mountain hiking, Mountain and Lowland Gorillas Trek, Ruwenzori Mountain Hiking, Exploration of different towns and cities Cultural visits and walks traditional Pygmies an Ituri Forest Congo river expedition Bonobos, Chimpanzee trekking

Our safaris offer the following Itineraries in Congo.

We can take through and visit the following Congo attractions, which includes’

  • Virunga National Park
  • Kahuzi Biega National Park
  • Rwindi plains
  • Ishango
  • Ruwenzori Mountains
  • Nyiragongo Volcano
  • Goma  and Bukavu  city tours
  • Idjwi Island
  • Masisi territory
  • Epulu Station (Ituri)
  • Congo River
  • Isiro
  • Kinshasa
  • Kinkole
  • Mbandaka
  • Basankusu