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Nyiragongo Trekking Packing List

Nyiragongo Trekking Packing List is always important as we have to put a few things together to aid you on your packing for the great Nyiragongo hiking safari preparation so as to make it easy for you, easily find the necessary information as you go about your preparations. These are the few things we really recommend for you to enjoy your trek to the fullest.

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  • You will need walking shoes; you can have hiking shoes as well. Make sure these are comfortable.
  • Carry warm clothes more so needed when you reach the summit. You may need two layers of clothes every time, as it is cooler on the summit.
  • The rain gear is important if not a must. Make it a lightweight rain jacket, it may rain any time.
  • Poncho, this will keep you warm and protect in case of rain
  • Long pants and higher socks: have pants you can stuff into the socks.
  • Extra clothes, that you can keep changing in case it rains, to avoid staying in wet clothes
  • Bring some lose money, for small expense such as tips for guides, backpack, porters, buy walking stick
  • The hat and the Sun screen: this is mainly protecting you from Sun protection.
  • You will need a camera to capture the beautiful moments and scenery.
  • Portable chargers: Since there is no electricity, you will need this to charge your mobile device that’s if you need them, before the hike.
  • A treated mosquito net since you are sleeping in an open area.
  • You need passport photos for you Visa and any other thing, so carry some.
  • The first aid kits
  • You need a good warm sleep porch, so as to enjoy your night.
  • You need hand gloves, good woolen stockings and a head sock to keep you warm
  • You many need a rechargeable torch or light for you tent or hut. You will need a good LED lighting torch since there is no electricity at the top and you will need to move around at night.
  • This is a tropical area and you will need an insect repellent cream to shield you from the many insects and mosquitos.
  • You will need a good camera for both still photography and some videography, this is key for this safari as it almost depends on this, please carry an extra battery.
  • You will need a pair of binoculars since some of the things need zooming in, as for bird watchers, this is key.
  • A French dictionary is a necessity as most people here speak French. A Swahili one can also do.