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Eat like a local at Nyamirambo

local at NyamiramboNyamirambo is quite an interesting place, where number of restaurants do exist, and serve some tasty food. You can decide to take a Nyamirambo walking tour or the cooking lesson which gives you a great chance to have a state of the local Rwandan Cuisine. Rounding off the Nyamirambo Women Center tour is a cooking lesson at a local woman’s home.

After exploring the daily fresh produce market, where you can see women grinding cassava root with giant pestle and mortars, you’ll be taught to cook some traditional Rwandan cuisine. Irish potatoes – named because the original crop came from Europe – sugar cane, and a stew of green beans, tomatoes, and onions, make up lunch at the end of the morning.

Experience local food like a local at Nyamirambo

You can as well enjoy a local Rwanda cuisine, after your walking tour around Nyamirambo, this will really energize you with a traditional taste. Cold drink like soda of your type is as well served around. Number of milk bar cafes does exist in the area which is as well included on your walking tour as you visit the shop, for a cultural experience on how milk is important in Rwandan culture.

You will really fall in love with this sightseeing adventure as you weave around the street of Nyamirambo. In case you are to visit Nyamirambo during the late evening hours, expect a lot of Stoll around selling Nyamachoma and chips, where you can buy anything at a low price as 500 francs for a dine.