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Nyamirambo Hair Salon

The Nyamirambo walking tour has a great experience of making you have a great chance to experience the Nyamirambo hair salon dressing. During this tour, you will as well be able to visit the hair salon. This tour is full of action pack, and a visit to the local hair saloon has become one of the most amazing parts of the tour, as you visit and take a look on how local run their saloon business, and how they go about their hair dressing work.

Other places to visit than Nyamirambo Salon.

There are a number of hair dressing salon within Nyamirambo, but our major focus will be on one saloon, especially, the female hair dressing salon, as this is more the most center of the business run by the female counterpart. The workers at the salon are welcoming and hospitable, feel free to interact with them, as you go about your tour.

The ladies or even gents are free to try out a braid, at a free cost. The gents or ladies that work in the hair dress salon are experts, they know their work to their best, and you will be surprised, with their passion on hair dressing. Kindly visit the hair dressing salon, for a wonderfull city experience during your Nyamirambo walking tour.