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Nyamirambo Cassava Project

Nyamirambo Cassava Project, Nyamirambo is a vibrant neighborhood in the southwest part of Kigali. It’s been called, Kigali’s “coolest neighborhood” and the “heart of Kigali” also referred to as Old Kigali, as it is the major center where the entire city began from in way back.  Nyamirambo is the life of Kigali city. People party night and day. Of course, that comes with a lot of mischief. Grocery shops are open all night, boutiques show no signs of closing and people work in shifts, basically – Nyamirambo is usually awake 24 hours.

Other activities than Nyamirambo Cassava Project

Nyamirambo Cassava ProjectNyamirambo walking tour is always so much fun, full of excitement and rewarding City sightseeing adventure, as you explore beautiful sights, and attractions, hidden within this beautiful area. During your Nyamirambo Walking Tour to Nyamirambo suburb, you will take a visit to the cassava projects, which consist of Nyamirambo Market, Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Shop, Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Machine, and Nyamiramba Cassava Produce Stoll. You will wind up by having a taste of the entire above mention product as one being on your menu, as they are one of the basic of a Rwandan Cuisine meal.

Nyamirambo Market

As you stroll around, you will find yourself in one of the Nyamirambo local market, basically filled up by women, who run their small project and selling mostly food staff. You will visit their stand and they will explain to you what they offer as they greet you in local language- Amakuru.

They mostly sale vegetables such as cassava leaves, cabbages, dodo, egg plants, tomatoes, onions, beans, and some grains. You will meet them selling the cassava flour which they bought from them cassava produce machines and selling them into retail.

Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Shop

The cassava shop is owned by a gentle man, who sales and buys cassava tubers. These tubers are fermented and dried for processing into flour. He sales the tuber or take them to cassava produce machine to be processed, whereby the flour is later sold as source of food in retails to the public by the women, who owns different shops around the area. Most of these cassava tubers are go from the near buy villages around.

Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Machine You are walking tour, as well make you meet the cassava machine, which turns the cassava tubers into flour. Some of the tubers are brought by the public, who would wish their tubers turned into flour for home consumption, or brought by salesmen, who own the cassava produce shops, who buys the tubers, brings them to be made into flour and later sales them to public or retail shops.

Nyamiramba Cassava Produce Stoll

The cassava produce Stoll, are managed by a group of women and young men, who basically deals cassava leaves. The leaves are sold for home consumption. The leaves are sold as paste, as they are made manual or by machine which grind them and turn them to a good paste which is one of the Rwanda sources of food. They as well sale garlic, onion, and other spices that are added into the cassava leaves during the pounding to create a good mixture that later bring a good taste of the sauce during cooking. Those wanting to do the cooking lesson, this works well for you as you learn the cooking chemistry and what it takes to get the meal ready.

The great working tour will as well give you an experience to meet the locals, as you interact and listen to your guide give you great history of the town, as you venture around and mingle with the locals. You will later end the walking tour with a real Rwandan cuisine lunch, where you will have an experience of tasting what you observed during your tour. This is what we call real life experiential tour, by local. Those who may be involved in the cooking lesson, may experience the entire chemistry of cooking a cassava meal, and will have the entire idea of the processing to meal preparation.