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Nyamirambo Market tour

The Nyamirambo Market walking tour has a great experience of making you have a great chance to experience the Nyamirambo Cassava project. During this tour, you will as well be able to visit the Nyamirambo market.

As you stroll around, you will find yourself in one of the Nyamirambo local market, basically filled up by women, who run their small project and selling mostly food staff. You will visit their stand and they will explain to you what they offer as they greet you in local language- Amakuru.

They mostly sale vegetables such as cassava leaves, cabbages, dodo, egg plants, tomatoes, onions, beans, and some grains. You will meet them selling the cassava flour which they bought from them cassava produce machines, and selling them into retail.

Basically, here you will meet a number of food produces, and food spices. Here it gives you how idea of how the food crops looks like, how they appear, such that you will know of what you will eat later after the end of the Nyamirambo walking tour. In case you’re doing the Nyamirambo cooking lesson, you will come here and do shopping of some of the food crop, you will use during your cooking lesson.

This may not be as big market as you expect, but one of the small markets around Nyamirambo that is always part of our experience as we go about the walking tour around to explore this great amazing area. See you at the market.