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Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Shop

The Nyamirambo Walking Tour has a great experience of making you have a great chance to experience the Nyamirambo Cassava Project. During this tour, you will as well be able to visit the Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Shop.

The cassava shop is owned by a gentle man, who sales and buys cassava tubers. These tubers are fermented and dried for processing into flour. He sales the tuber or take them to Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Shop machine to be processed, where by the flour is later sold as source of food in retails to the public by the women, who owns different shops around the area. Most of these cassava tubers are got from the near buy villages around.

The cassava is harvested from the garden; later the outside cover is removed, and left to ferment before being dried. When it dries, they are later taken to the market for sale. This is how they end up at the cassava shop. These gentlemen keep buying from the public, from whoever brings his / hers cassava tuber in exchange of some franc.

By visiting this cassava produce shop, you have the real picture of how the cassava tubers look, like, before you proceed to seeing how the flour is being processed. Discover like a local and taste it like a local