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Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Machine

The Nyamirambo walking tour has a great experience of making you have a great chance to experience the Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Machine. During this tour, you will as well be able to visit the cassava produce machine. You are walking tour, as well make you meet the cassava machine, which turns the cassava tubers into flour. Some of the tubers are brought by the public, who would wish their tubers turned into flour for home consumption, or brought by salesmen, who own the cassava produce shops, who buys the tubers, brings them to be made into flour and later sales them to public or retail shops.

fact about Nyamirambo Cassava Produce Machine

The produce machine is own by one of the locals, who employee’s local youth to work in it. The produce only operates during daytime, and early hours of the night in case there is much business. You will as well see a number of bees at the produce house, coming to feed on the cassava flour.

Numbers of similar produce machines do exist within different corners of the city suburbs. By visiting the cassava produce machine, you will learn how the cassava flour is really processed, and you will the general idea of what it takes to produce the flour, and the picture of the entire process. As you consume the cassava paste during your dinning, you will know what it was like to process the meal. Those doing the cooking lesson, may as well know the entire chemistry behind the cooking process of a cassava meal.

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