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Nyamirambo Art Craft Rwanda

Nyamirambo Art Craft tour, Nyamirambo is a vibrant part of the Kigali city with lot of shops, offering number of good on displays to clients who would love to go shopping. Lot of art craft shops do exist with in this area. However, a visit to Nyamirambo Women Center, will as well give you a great chance to meet these wonderful African handmade fabrics from a collection of women, who decided to earn a living by taking hand of fashions and design.

This small shop is known for making some unique items with kitenge fabric. They also produce some pretty cool children’s items like dresses and pants in small sizes, kid’s hats, baby blankets, and even cute fabric balls to kick around. If you’re shopping for kids, this should be your first stop. They also offer your usual bags and things like that but they seem to make them in different styles than you’ll find around town.

Lots of souvenirs do exist ranging from bags, knick-knacks, souvenirs, masks, table mats, caps, and some exquisite jewelry made of jade. All in all, be expecting to find a great variety to local crafts that will shoot you for your house hold use. This area of Nyamirambo is very amazing, you can combine your shopping with the Nyamirambo Walking tour, to have a great experience to explore Nyamirambo, is a unique way, with a local cuisine swerved at the end of the tour. This is quite amazing and very rewarding at the end. As you end up doing the shopping at the end of the walking tour.

Go shopping at the Art Galleries.

Number of art galleries do exist within the city of Kigali, you can decide to take visit to these amazing art shops and do some shopping with number of African fabric, kitenges on display that you will fall in love with them.