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Nyamiramba Cassava Produce Stoll

The Nyamiramba Cassava Produce Stoll, walking tour has a great experience of making you have a great chance to experience the Nyamirambo Cassava project. During this tour, you will as well be able to visit the cassava Stoll.

All Nyamiramba Cassava Produce Stoll, are managed by a group of women and young men, who basically deals cassava leaves. The leaves are sold for home consumption. The leaves are sold as paste, as they are made manual or by machine which grind them and turn them to a good paste which is one of the Rwanda source of food. They as well sale garlic, onion, and other spices that are added into the cassava leaves during the pounding to create a good mixture that later bring a good taste of the sauce during cooking.

The cassava leaves processing can be done into two ways, either by pounding, or by using electric machines, which process them shortly in the motor and turns them into cassava paste.

Some women buy their cassava leaves from the market, such as the Nyamirambo market, and since they have no time to pound, they bring it here for easy processing. And they later go with it home to prepare their meal. A fee is paid for the effort rendered. These women, as well sale food spices, to the public, especially women send their kids her to purchase the spices, such as onions and garlic. You will really enjoy a great experience of visiting this amazing wonderful place, full of exciting people as well.

By visiting the cassava stoll, you will learn the general idea, of how the cassava leaves are turned into paste, and what it takes to make the cassava paste. In case you to do the cooking lesson. Then the whole chemistry will be revealed to you, up to the time of dining.