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Rwanda Local Cuisine Experience

A taste and a bite will leave your mouth watery. Rwanda local cuisine is something you should not miss out on your visit to Rwanda. It is one way to experience culture to its best, as food is one of the cultural uniqueness.  Traditionally most of Africa cuisines use a combination of locally cereal grains, available fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and milk products, this still applies the same to Rwandan cuisine, you will find a variety of dishes to choose from, that you will have to sample many so as to enjoy the real taste of these healthy food staffs.

A simple, spicy one-pot dish comprising, at its most basic, matooke, rice, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and pepper, it’s often served at parties and other festive gatherings, along with other Rwandan favorites such as ground nut soup (made with ground nut seeds), fried plantains and pounded iris potatoes.  Different sauces and vegetables are also consumed.

Like most African foods, food in this area consists of dishes made from grains, rice, millet, yam, beans and cowpeas, flours for bread, including sorghum, maize, and stews cooked with meat and vegetables. Fresh butter and fresh milk features in many authentic foods in Rwanda. So a variety of spices curry and coconut milk.

Both are delicious accompanied by kachumbari, a fresh onion and tomato salad popular across East Africa.

Breakfast cuisine – Rwandan breakfast would consist of specially food with baked bread, or Chapati. Those specialties are usually served with different vegetable stew and sometimes with sour porridge. Food in African breakfast from ground cereals and sour milk are not uncommon for the nomadic population.

Lunch – In Rwandan lunch is the most important food meal of the day. In African culture lunch would be served in the afternoons. Most of the time is served with a heavy meal. Same like other most African foods all over the Africa, it consists mashed starchy meals made from different tubers and gains.

Dependent upon different regions, and simply boiled white or brownish rice, eaten with a lot of vegetable fish and stews or meat to ground corn meals, mixed with potatoes or even Ughali

Dinner – In this part of Rwanda is often not different from what they eat as lunch. There is a small difference because a meal for lunch today could be cooked but in smaller quantity and can be served as dinner for tomorrow. In Rwanda food all these different meals are often served with a blend of vegetables, salads and fresh fruits or sweets.

During your tour, expect a taste of variety of food, so as to enjoy the real taste of Africa cuisine.

A walk at Nyamirambo women center is always concluded with a nice cuisine Rwanda food, where you seat and dine at your best, with a cold drink to break your thirst.

Other places you can taste Rwandan food, is hotel des Milles Colline, African bites, and Nyamiramo Women Center, as you do the Kigali walking tour, you will reward yourself with the best taste of the local dish.

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