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Kigali Sightseeing Tour Rwanda

Because Kigali Sightseeing Tours were born to deliver the ultimate Kigali Adventures.  We are Rwandans born and bred and we love our country! Our passion and knowledge of Kigali mean our tours offer local insights into some of the best spots in the country. We take you to see all the icons of Kigali, plus some lesser known places, all while sharing our expertise to give you a unique perception of what makes Rwanda special.  Whether you have a year or a week, we want you to get the most out of your time and see the best Rwanda has to offer.

Discover Kigali

First time in this clean, vibrant Kigali city? City Sightseeing will show you the very best of Kigali, from its famous and quirky landmarks to its stunning museums, and lovely people. No trip to Kigali’s largest city area would be complete without a visit to the iconic museums, Nyamirambo, and local markets. Hop off the vehicle and travel on feet into the air for unforgettable panoramic views over Nyamirambo and Mount Kigali. Then, hop back on and head to the bustling local markets to discover the city’s business venture, from the historic genocide incidence to exquisite oriental local cuisine. Finally, the lively Kimironko Market is an absolute must! Hop off at the famous farmer’s market and discover just how important local produce is to Kigali’s culinary scene. The sightseeing tour, can take you as far as doing a walking tour to visit a milk bar, hair dress salon, local shop, Cassava project and small restaurant to taste the local cuisine.

Our tours range from Kigali Walking Tours, Kigali Moto Bike Tours to extent of use of the vehicles to explore the country side, and city center. The choice is yours; we offer your request and interest. All will make you explore the Kigali City to great depth.

See top attractions and explore lesser-known areas of the city on one of these great Kigali sightseeing tours. From bus tours, to walking tours, to Cycling, to bike tours, sightseeing in Kigali is varied and full of interesting possibilities.

Our goal is to offer international travelers the highest quality Rwanda Tours at the lowest price possible, so that you can take an adventure and explore the country side on your visit to spice your stay. To undertake this mission, we range between operating tours and using other highly qualified excursions. This means all our tours are of the highest quality and offer great value for money.   Give us a call, connect on social, shoot us an email or simply just book online and let us make your Rwanda Adventure a reality.

Booking a few things to do in advance can take out the stress of arriving in a new place. You can touch down and get straight into the action: skip the line at famous museums or jump on a hop-on hop-off moto bike, join a walking tour for an insider’s view, learn to cook like a local, or dine and taste local cuisines or even trek with gorillas. With a little planning you won’t miss any of the big highlights.

Let the journey begin! It’s a hilly country, with heaps of spectacular scenery, wonderful authentic museums, great Apes, unique wildlife and friendly people. If are ready for the trip of a lifetime and want to get out there and see it all, give us a go today!!

When to go?: Everyday apart from the last Saturday of each month (Umuganda)