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Kigali Motor Bike Tour Rwanda

With this Kigali Motor Bike Tour, you will feel the adrenaline and discover amazing attractions on a motorbike tour, couple with a number of walking experience. Nothing more interesting, like doing Kigali City Tour on a moto bike.

There is nothing more enjoyable like exploring city freely on a motor bike, where you enjoy a wide sightseeing as you wish for. This may sound crazy but more adventurous than doing a city tour on a vehicle. Skip the long drive you have been on, and do more of stretching on a motor bike tour. We love to travel and we want to share our excitement with you. We’re passionate about connecting you with locals to enrich your life with unforgettable trips. Motorbike tour is the easiest way to explore a city in the most simple way, where you able to stop at any point. Your local guide will be on a ride along with you, and your flexibility to stop and any point is assured.

The moto bike tour is designed in a way that, you can take a walk at some point, as you can enjoy a walking tour and go about the city tour adventure. This may include, hike to Mount Kigali, Taking Nyamirambo walking tour, visit to the museum, and the local markets.

Be assured of a life-changing experience when you book a motorbike tour with us. Ride through awe-inspiring scenery of Kigali and enjoy local culture, with the added thrill of living on the edge– in many cases, quite literally!  Escape with us on an exciting motorcycle adventure tour around Kigali, as we explore the most city exciting attractions, in a most simple way. See and experience The Real Kigali, Off-road Ride and On Ride, On The Most Scenic Roads.

Let be a part of amazing riding experiences in Kigali with our local guide along with you. All the amazing routes along Kigali are waiting for you to explore and find out a Real Kigali in your eyes!

Looking for Kigali Motorbike Tours special? We can create a custom motorbike tour itinerary to meet your travel schedule and time within Kigali, and out of Kigali, as you can explore the country side with us.

Is the Ride safe?

Yes, the ride is very safe, our local guide escorts you along, and you will have helmet on, where you ride to.

When to go?: Everyday apart from the last Saturday of each month (Umuganda)

We look forward to arranging your bike tours in Rwanda very soon.