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Lake Rwihinda is found in the northern part of Burundi and is one of the most prominent holiday destinations in the country. The Lake and the surrounds are a protected area that boasts some of the unique attractions when it comes to flora and fauna. So, the area is covered by shrubs, forest and wetland, with the shrub land covering quiet a large area. These areas are used for fisheries and agriculture while the rest is used for the research of nature conservation.

Lake Rwihinda Natural Reserve
Lake Rwihinda Natural Reserve

The area is dramatically located on the border with Rwanda in a town called Kirundo. Previously known as the Lac aux Oiseaux which means Bird Lake- Lake Rwihinda Nature reserve covers and 8000 ha while the lake alone is half of the entire reserve area (425ha). Although the area is known for the fishing villages and agriculture, the natural reserve is nearly 30% under forests and the rest of it under thick shrubs and wetland. Part of the reserve is under nature conservation and research into medicinal plants and herbs among other uses.

Wildlife: Some of the birds in this Burundi nature reserve include Northern Brown-throated Weaver Sharpe’s Pied-babbler, Papyrus Gonolek, White-winged Scrub-warbler, White-collared Oliveback, Red-chested Sunbird, Papyrus Yellow Warbler, Carruthers’s Cisticola, Red-faced Barbet and Ring-necked Francolin among many others,

The Rwihinda Lake Natural Reserve is a real sanctuary for migratory aquatic birds which come to the site by the thousands to reproduce. All these now protected birds can nest more and more on these green swamps and islets of the lake. Crested cranes and herons live there a peaceful live. The visitor can drift along on barges to approach many species of birds without risk of frightening them.

For reaching the area Beyond Kigali City Tours advise you to pass through Kigali International airport which is only 1 hour drive for crossing the border. Contact us for more information.

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