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Gisakura Tea Estate, Rwanda Tea Farm Visits

Gisakura Tea Estate, Rwanda Tea Farm Visits, for the tea lovers, there is something special that you will enjoy on your visit to Rwanda. Gisakura tea estate is one of the huge tea plantations and is perhaps one of the best places to learn more about tea farming with a beautiful walk and photos along the tea estate as you enjoy the stunning serenity. You walk into this tea estate to adventure close the variety of parallel ridges of tea plus the attractive mountains that provide a beautiful backdrop for the plantation.

The tea plantation visit is one of the loveliest moments that you can enjoy to spice up your visit to Nyungwe National Park, as you can take your free time to explore the beautiful tea gardens, interact with the local community and enjoy an endless chat with them.

The visit is beyond the tea plantation itself, as you get total immersed in the cultural activities of the local community that do render labor to the tea farm. You will have time to share and get involved in the actual process of tea harvesting. In case you want to know more, you can take a step into beyond the scene experience to the real tea processing procedure, and at the end, buy a fresh tea sample for your family back home.

The tea visit is open all day throughout, as you can stop and take picture of your choice, but in case you would like to do a more visit, it is better in early morning hours, or late evening as the workers can be found busy at their work. In case you visit on a Sunday, you will not find the farmers on the site and you are sure to find people hard at work from Monday to Saturday. In the week, the farmers can be seen picking the tea and collecting them in the baskets. They get paid by a kilo. Though they work hard, these friendly farmers are always willing to spare some time to greet the tourists and do some practice of tea picking with them. You should also remember to harm yourself with a camera, these rolling landscapes and its fantastic greens are simply unique and stunning.

Include the Gisakura tea visit during your safari tour to Nyungwe National Park, for Canopy walk and chimpanzee trekking adventure.