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The Congo Nile Trail is an exciting ten-day hiking experience, which covers a wide range of fascinating attractions on Lake Kivu shores, with a distance of 227 km (141 miles) of beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills and clear water extends from Rubavu, continues through Rutsiro via the Karongi, Nyamasheke districts and ends at Rusizi District.

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Congo Nile Trail
Congo Nile Trail

The trail offers among other attractions the best coffee and tea experiences, with sceneries beautiful beyond imagination. The Congo Nile trail includes eight amazing base camps, two extraordinary paths and four bonus diverse sub trails, which are all, added value that make up this breathtaking hiking experience a lifetime one.

The entire trek can be completed in a 4 – 10 days hike. However, the trip can be done in sections if travelers do not have the time to complete the entire trail. Trails give stunning views of the Lake Kivu coastline and offer adventurous travelers an exciting way to discover Rwanda.

Biking the Congo Nile Trail can be completed in 3 – 5 days, with rich views and immersive cultural experiences along the way. This trail appeals to adventure travelers and is a great way to experience Rwanda backcountry side. The trail can also be split up if visitors do not have the time to commit to the 5-day journey. However, it is an experience worth selling to those who crave an off the beaten path adventure.

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