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Musée Vivant

Musée Vivant is a Zoo in Bujumbura, If you’re in Bunjumbura and you would wish to go for a short city tour, this is one of the city major attraction that you should not miss out on your trip. This small zoo won’t win the approval of animal rights activists. In fact, it probably won’t win approval from many people at all. Currently it houses a chimp, a leopard, several crocodiles, various snakes and some antelopes in cramped, dirty and exposed cages.

The guinea pigs for sale at the reception are food for the carnivores, and if you buy one, you’ll get a graphic demonstration of the food chain in action. There’s also a ‘cultural exhibit’ which consists of a mildly interesting reconstructed traditional Burundian hut and living compound. You get a cultural insight of the Burundian and enjoy a wonderful moment.