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Horseback Riding Mount Kigali

Horseback riding is one of the newly introduce activities that can keep you busy on your stay in Kigali to experience a countryside experience. This adventurous activity is one of its kinds as you are on top of it all; with a great view of the entire Kigali just on top of a horse as you explore the mount Kigali.  You will enjoy a spectaculars stunning view of the Kigali City at the glance, as you ride about on the hills and enjoy the stunning view of Kigali.

A hike to the place is hilarious, as you do a free hiking to head to the horse village center. A visit to Fazenda Sengha, a horseback riding ranch on top of Mount Kigali. You will have an incredible time on a hour-long trail ride through the forest while gazing upon Kigali itself. Spectacular views hit you from all angles. You will have a guide who will be following you from behind or lead you through the ride. He will be explaining and answering to your question as you go about the ride on your own horse. You may go slow, or run as first as you wish depending on your horse riding experience.

What to expect

When heading to this place, expect to go through a slum road that leads to this place called Fazenda Sengha, a horseback riding ranch on top of Mount Kigali. Many people do not know this place, but when you book with us, we shall stop an appoint and do a normal hike to the horse center, if you love to be driven, well and good as well.

What to wear

Definitely opt for pants, since chafing isn’t the most pleasant experience. If you don’t have closed-toed shoes, not to worry! They provide them at no extra cost! But don’t forget your socks! Helmets are also provided at the ranch.

What to bring

Honestly, not much. Since you’re only on an hour long ride, snacks aren’t necessary. We shall provide the water bottle for you.

Something extra.

A hike up to the place and down is worth it, just do it for your health need, as the ride is simple.

The horse ride is very simple, anyone can do it, and the horses are trained and used to people.

For Bookings.

Kindly email our reservation, about when you would want to do the horse ride, group number, and we get you booked and going to enjoy the wonderful moment.